How It Works.

How It Works

Rate Our Business is a subscription-based service aimed at increasing your company’s online presence by encouraging more quality feedback and more frequent reviews from your customers. This is achieved with the following 3-step process:

We’ll develop a branded feedback form that is unique to your business, which you can customize in order to get the feedback you need to succeed.

Once your page is complete, you’ll have a unique link that you can send via email when you follow up with your customers. We’ll also equip you with simple business cards containing the URL that you can hand out in person.

If the customer is satisfied with your service, they will be prompted to visit your page on high-authority review sites such as Yelp, Google+ and Bing.

The feedback form submissions will be sent automatically to any email addresses you choose, and a spreadsheet of all your data will be available for download at any time.